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Randonnée du Jardin Maore

Le Jardin Maore Hikes

Explore the extraordinary flora and fauna of Mayotte by hiking the island’s trails. Get your trainers on, put on your cap and set off to explore the seahorse trails with our guides! Contact us to find out about our planned trips and book your tour!

Marie Debord

Sea Turtle Egg-laying

Five evenings a week, we organise a trip to watch sea turtles laying their eggs. This activity is open to hotel guests only, to ensure smooth organisation. Schedules are based on high tide. Please note that there may be evenings when no eggs are laid. You can also attend a lecture once a week at Le N’Gouja beach bar. The programme includes a film and quiz on sea turtles.


Swim with turtles

Simply step into the clear water of the lagoon and, just a few metres from the shore, enjoy the rare pleasure of swimming with the turtles. The beach is a nesting ground for these wonderful marine creatures, and the gently sloping sea grass is their pasture. The turtles are placid and easy to approach. Green and hawksbill turtles are plentiful, and you’ll be able to spot them as you swim along the beach at Le Jardin Maore.


The naturalists’ schedule

Mont Choungui

Hiking - Sunrise on Mount Choungui

The unforgettable sunrise ascent of Mount Choungui: a morning hike to the peak of Mount Choungui, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the island of Mayotte and its lagoon, renowned as one of the largest and most beautiful in the world.

Our experienced guide will take you on a technical but accessible hike, while sharing with you the stories and legends surrounding Mount Choungui.

Once at the summit, we’ll set up a breakfast based on local specialities to enjoy a moment of relaxation and the magnificent surrounding scenery. This tour is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the island early in the morning.


  • Experienced guide accompanied by a Malinois shepherd
  • Breakfast with local specialities
  • Hiking equipment (shoes and walking poles) included
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • Difficulty level: high
  • Price: 29 €/person


Sortie Lagon Maoré

Sea Trips - Le Lagon Maore

Le Lagon Maore, a centre for diving and discovering Mayotte’s extraordinary marine biodiversity, gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the reefs of the lagoon and the passes in the south of the island.

The activities offered by the diving centre, Le Lagon Maore, are suited to all tastes and levels. Half-day snorkelling trips are organised, allowing you to discover the well-preserved mangrove swamps of Kani Bé, the fringing reef and the double barrier reef. If you’re lucky, you may even come across a few marine mammals and/or manta rays. Le Lagon Maore’s professional divers will accompany you in total safety and share with you their knowledge of the mangrove swamps, geology, species and environmental issues relating to Mayotte’s lagoon.


Jardins Coconi

Autotour - The Scents Trail

On the scent trail with our partner Baobab Tour. After an immersion in the botanical garden, your day will begin in the heart of Coconi’s nature. Surrounded by all the different varieties of trees and plants endemic to the island, this is the chance to discover the hidden treasures of Mayotte’s forests

and gardens: turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, fruit trees and more.
At the Pôle Excellence Rurale (“Rural Excellence Centre” – P.E.R), you can learn about the history of the flower of flowers: ylang-ylang. In the centre’s museum area, you can find out more about the history of the golden star, and test your knowledge with a series of fun games. A visit full of history is the perfect way to understand the island’s nickname of “île aux parfums” (“Island of Fragrances”).

Last but not least, there’s a visit to a vanilla field on the heights of Barakani, in the Ouangani commune, where you can learn all about the cultivation of this deliciously fragrant black gold.
During the whole day tour, Le Jardin Maore provides lunch and invites you to visit the Mamas Shingo, proud salt producers, their Salt of Bandrélé eco-museum and the largest banana plantation in Mayotte.

  • Duration: half-day or whole day
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Price: half-day €300/1 to 4 people; whole day €350/1 to 4 people


bananeraie de Mayotte

Autotour - Wild Extreme South

Baobab Tour takes you on a half-day tour of the wild south.

The programme includes visits to remote villages, outrigger canoes, mangroves, the padzas (highly eroded areas) of Dapani, Mayotte’s largest banana plantation, the Saziley viewpoint, Chirongui and the Bouéni peninsula.

  • Duration: half-day
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Price: €300/1 to 4 people


Randonnée - Saziley

Hike - Saziley

A hike along a path lined with baobab trees, offering magnificent views and panoramas over the lagoon, its coral reef, the white sand islet of Saziley, and its padzas (highly eroded sections of land) so characteristic of southern Mayotte. As this nature reserve is a popular site for turtles laying their eggs, it’s not uncommon to see traces of them in the sand.
Lunch provided by Le Jardin Maore (not included in the price) and swimming time planned. Return along the great hiking path (GR) bordered by centuries-old baobabs.

  • Duration: whole day
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Price: €350/1 to 4 people


Randonnée Choungui

Hike - Mount Choungi

Baobab Tour offers you a half-day hike to Mount Choungi, an ancient volcano and the island’s second highest peak (593 m).

A 6km round trip hike from the village of Choungi takes you through the forest on the slopes of this ancient volcano. In the shade of the undergrowth, surrounded by trees, stones and roots, you will admire the natural wonders of the island as well as a magnificent 360° panorama once you reach the summit.

  • Duration: half-day
  • Difficulty level: high
  • Price:
    • 50 €/ person, subject to a minimum of 6 participants
    • 30 €/ person subject to a minimum of 10 participants
    • 20 €/ person subject to a minimum of 15 participants
    • Transfer at extra charge


Mont combani

Hike - Visit Combani

Baobab Tour takes you on a discovery tour of the history of Combani and its narrow streets. It’s also the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the scarcity of drinking water on the island by visiting the Combani reservoir. You’ll follow the paths to discover a grower’s farm and learn more about agriculture in Mayotte.
The hike ends with a moment of sharing over refreshments. (herbal tea, juice or coconut depending on availability).

A peaceful change of scenery just 20 minutes from Mamoudzou.

  • Duration: half-day
  • Difficulty Level: easy
  • Price:
    • 35 €/person
    • 20 €/up to 9 years old


Minaret de la mosquée de Tsingoni à Mayotte

Hike - Mosque of Tsingoni at the Soulou Waterfall

Baobab Tour looks forward to welcoming you to one of the island’s most important historical monuments, the Mosque of Tsingoni. The oldest active mosque in France. Its magnificence made it the royal mosque when Tsingoni was the capital of Mayotte. It’s also the opportunity to visit the village and the surrounding paths, where you can learn about food-producing agriculture (bananas, cassava, etc.) before arriving at the foot of the Soulou waterfall, which cascades down onto the beach.

  • Duration: demi-journée
  • Difficulty Level: easy
  • Price:
    • 35 €/person
    • 20 €/up to 9 years old


Voulé Mayotte

Visit – Market of Coconi and Voulé

Baobab Tour takes you on a gourmet tour of the Coconi market. It’s a must-see event every month, bringing together the island’s best craftspeople, producers and organic growers. The bouénis cook local dishes on the spot, so it’s the perfect opportunity to discover local delicacies and stock up on fresh local produce! After the visit, we’ll teach you about the Voulé tradition and its secrets (the Voulé is a traditional barbecue held on the beach. In Mayotte, the Voulé tradition is very much alive: families and friends get together every weekend to enjoy barbecues, games and swimming).

  • Duration: half-day
  • Difficulty Level: easy
  • Price:
    • 50 €/person
    • 30 €/up to 9 years old


Randonnée le Lac Dziani

Hike – Lake Dziani

Baobab Tour invites you to hike to Lake Dziani. This volcanic crater lake is filled with emerald-coloured water. You’ll be able to admire the stunning views of this bay with its two coves, and follow the food crops along the way. Your efforts will be rewarded when you reach this white sandy beach. You can continue on to the Moya beaches, with breathtaking views of the volcanic cliffs.

  • Duration: half-day
  • Difficulty Level: easy
  • Price:
    • 35 €/person
    • 25 €/up to 9 years old


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