Plage de N'Gouja
4 June 2024

Why shouldn’t you be afraid of travelling to Mayotte?

Mayotte, an undiscovered jewel in the Indian Ocean, is a destination full of charm and discovery. While some may worry about safety before visiting this island paradise, it’s important to put these concerns into perspective and focus on the countless wonders it has to offer. Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to travel to Mayotte.

1. Warm and genuine hospitality

The Mahorais are renowned for their warm welcome. The smiles and hospitality of the locals make every visit a unique experience. You’ll often be surprised by the kindness and availability of the locals, who are always ready to share their traditions and help you discover the riches of their island. Human encounters are often the highlight of a stay in Mayotte.

2. Breathtaking landscapes

Mayotte is an island of varied and breathtaking landscapes. Its lagoon, one of the largest and most beautiful in the world, offers incredible opportunities for diving and snorkelling. You can swim with turtles at N’Gouja beach or explore Lake Dziani, an emerald-coloured crater lake. Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted by trails through lush forests and volcanic landscapes.

3. An exceptionally well-preserved natural environment

Mayotte’s biodiversity is exceptional. The Saziley nature reserve is home to endemic species and coral reefs of rare beauty. The island’s crystal-clear waters are a veritable paradise for nature lovers and divers. You’ll have the chance to observe an incredibly rich and diverse marine fauna.

4. Simple precautions for a safe trip

As with any tropical destination, it’s essential to take a few precautions to ensure a trouble-free stay. Here are a few simple tips:

Find out about areas to avoid and follow local recommendations.
Adopt basic safety measures, such as avoiding carrying valuables conspicuously and remaining vigilant, especially at night.
Protect yourself against mosquitoes by using repellents and sleeping under a mosquito net if necessary.
By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay in complete peace of mind.

5. A rich and fascinating cultural destination

Mayotte has a unique culture, a blend of African, Malagasy and French traditions. Local festivals, traditional music, dances and colourful markets will give you a fascinating insight into life in Mayotte. Don’t forget to sample the local culinary specialities and discover the island’s handicrafts.

Travelling to Mayotte is a wonderful adventure and well worth the effort. By taking a few simple precautions and being well informed, you can discover the natural, cultural and human treasures of this magnificent island with complete peace of mind. Don’t let unfounded fears deprive you of this unique experience.

For an even more memorable experience, consider staying at Jardin Maoré, a charming establishment that perfectly embodies the spirit of Mayotte. Nestling in the heart of unspoilt nature, Jardin Maoré offers an idyllic setting with comfortable bungalows, stunning ocean views and direct access to a private beach where turtles come to lay their eggs. It’s the ideal place to recharge your batteries and take full advantage of everything Mayotte has to offer. So don’t wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by this heavenly destination. Enjoy your trip!

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