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Ecolodge in Mayotte

Jardin Maore

Le Jardin Maore is an ecolodge located in the south of Grande Terre, Mayotte’s main island. Located along the magnificent N’Gouja beach, classified as a marine protected area by the Mayotte Natural Marine Park, the establishment is right in the middle of an exceptional natural site. Here, centuries-old baobabs dominate the landscape; dozens of sea turtles feed daily in the seagrass beds; families of friendly makis put on a show all year round. Beyond these emblematic species, there is an entire ecosystem rich in biodiversity that requires constant attention to maintain the delicate balance between human activities and the protection of nature..
Our mission as an ecolodge is to provide a comfortable accommodation for our guests who come to enjoy the generous nature of N’Gouja, while limiting the impact of our activities coming from the hotel, restaurant, bar and water sports centre.

This is why the entire team at Le Jardin Maore has adopted an environmental charter and is committed to an eco-friendly approach that we are constantly striving to improve.

Coming to N’Gouja and Le Jardin Maore is the perfect opportunity to support our commitments.


Our Commitments

Our ecolodge is committed to an eco-friendly approach that aims to reduce our energy and drinking water consumption, two valuable resources that are under increasing threat in Mayotte. The objective is also to reduce the volume of waste produced, which alone accounts for half of the annual pollution generated by our economic activity.

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Activities to awaken the Senses

All the activities and tours offered at Le Jardin Maore or departing from N’Gouja are carefully designed and organised to provide our guests with meaningful and enriching experiences, in line with our vision of tourism that respects its natural and cultural environment. On land or at sea, our teams and partners share their unwavering passion for Mayotte.

Our activities

Le jardin Maore

4-star Hotel Services

Le Jardin Maore provides a wide range of services for your comfort and well-being. The reception and luggage storage service are open from 7am to 9pm and will help you plan your water tours with the Lagon Maore team. If you wish to have your clothes cleaned during your stay, the laundry service is at your service.
Please do not hesitate to contact us before your arrival to plan your stay.

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